07 April 2004

Weekly Seminars 2004 :: April – June

07 April 2004 - 30 June 2004





First year of the EUREKA projects MARQUIS and TBONES

A. Pérez,PhD, X. Mestre, PhD, C. Pinart


June 30 2004

Design and evaluation of packet switches

Jorge García, PhD

Universitat Politècnica Catalunya

June 17 2004

RRM in Heterogeneous Networking Environments of the 4th Generation

Prof. Emmanuel Protonotarios

NTUA, Greece

June 15 2004

EXTREME demonstrator and progress on CTTC's IP Technologies Area

 Josep Mangues, PhD


June 9 2004

Proxy Stripping – A Performance Enhancing Technique for Optical Ring Networks

Martin Herzog

TU Berlin

May 25 2004

Audio-visual broadcasting technologies

Gabriel Fernández, PhD

Universitat Ramon Llull

May 19 2004

CTTC's Access Technologies Area

C. F. Bader, PhD


May 12 2004

Experiences preparing and using WLAN test-beds for research

Marc Portoles


May 7 2004

Design principles and performance of a major IP backbone network

Christophe Diot, PhD

Intel Research

April 21 2004

Automotive signal processing: news on combustion diagnosis by analyzing the engine's structure borne sound

Prof. Johann Böhme

Universität Bochum

April 16 2004

Wrap up of the IST ANWIRE Thematic Network

C. F. Bader, PhD


April 7 2004