11 April 2007

Weekly Seminars 2007 :: April – June

11 April 2007 - 27 June 2007

[27/06/2007] DOA: A radiolocalization strategy
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Pepe Rubio (Research Engineer) / Joan Bas (Research Associate (post-doc)

[21/06/2007] Convergencia: del concepto a la realidad/Servicios multimedia en entorno convergente
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Sandra García/Zulima Saenz, Innovation FT R&D Spain France Telecom España

[20/06/2007] Towards an Optimisation of Wireless Ambient and Body Sensor Networks for Medical Applications
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Begonya Otal, PhD Candidate at CTTC

[06/06/2007] Performance Comparison of Downlink Transmission Strategies for Cellular Systems
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Dra. Matilde Sánchez, from the Universidad Carlos III (Madrid)

[22/05/2007] Energy-Efficient Self-Organization for Wireless Sensor Networks
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Thomas Watteyne, from the CITI Laboratory (Lyon-France)

[15/05/2007] Solucions tecnològiques de comunicació col·laborativa: situació actual, reptes i tendències
CTTC Technology Transfer Seminar by Eduard Arnau.

[11/05/2007] Smart Antennas and Digital Bemforming
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Dra. Magdalena Salazar

[10/05/2007] Who Was James Clerk Maxwell and What Is/Was His Electromagnetic Theory
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Prof. Tapan K. Sarkar.

[03/05/2007] Wireles Location 1
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Jordi Serra, Research Engineer at CTTC

[26/04/2007] Welcome seminar: Wireless Sensor Networks research and Ultra Wide Band testbed digital design
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Ana Moragrega, Research Engineer at CTTC

[18/04/2007] Welcome seminar: from digital design to handoff management
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Oriol Font, Research Engineer at CTTC

[11/04/2007] Opportunistic Random Access for Distributed Parameter Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Javier Matamoros, PhD Candidate at CTTC