08 January 2007

Weekly Seminars 2007 :: January – March

08 January 2007 - 21 March 2007

[21/03/2007] WiMAX Base for General Audio & Visual Applications-Wi4GOAL
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Carlos (Faouzi) Bader/Research Associate and David Pubill/Contractor Research Engineer at CTTC

[14/03/2007] Progress in the EU-Project WINNER II
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Stephan Pfletschinger, Research Associate at CTTC

[06/03/2007] Ultra Wideband systems: Information theoretic considerations
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Prof. Aawatif Menouni, Mobile Comm. Dept. Eurecom, Sophia- Antipolis (France)

[01/03/2007] Multi-Domain Routing Policies in ASON Networks
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Dr. Guido Maier, Doctor at Univeristy Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

[21/02/2007] Dynamic Resource Management for Advanced Multicarrier System
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Dr. Carlos Bader & Jaume Masip (Access Technologies (AT) Research Area)

[14/02/2007] Closed-Form Blind MIMO Channel Estimation for Orthogonal Space-Time, Block Codes: An Array Processing Approach
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Prof. Alex B. Gershman, Professor at Darmstadt University of Technology (Germany)

[24/01/2007] Practical applications for cooperative communications
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Dr. Christian Ibars, Research Associate at CTTC

[15/01/2007] Challenging Paradigms in the Information Society
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Prof. Giovanni E. Corazza, Professor at DEIS/ARCES – University of Bologna (Italy)

[08/01/2007] A crash course on DSL and A DSL vampire hunter
CTTC Weekly Seminar by Dr. Per Ödling, PhD in signal proceessing at Lund Institute of Technology (Sweden )